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Special Effects Makeup Artistry

What is a Special Effect Prosthetic?

Put simply, a prosthetic is something that is applied directly onto a person's skin. They can easily breath, eat, and drink, without getting hot and sweaty inside a giant rubber mask.

Bring Your Creature to life with Prosthetic Makeup Application

You may wonder how makeup artists turn actors into animals, monsters and aliens - using prosthetic makeup, a person can be turned into virtually anything. From adding extra body parts to aging a person by 50 years.

You can dress up in the most extravagant costume, and paint the most intense makeup over your entire body, but nothing screams "Different" than physically altering your bodily structure. This can only be accomplished with what is known as Special Effects Prosthetics.

Like any other prop, they should accentuate your character and help explain its personality. Good prosthetics will allow for emotion to show through and will remain solid and consistent. Unlike a conventional mask, that will not allow movement or facial expressions to shine through.

The process is simple and fun! Just sit back, and let your local makeup artist help your character come to life!

Don't let THIS be your Only option this Halloween season!

Imagine the frightening possibilities!

Remember you are limited only by your imagination! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Raptor
  • Clown/Jester
  • Beast
  • Creature
  • Wizard
  • Night-Walker
  • Alien
  • Zombie/Undead
  • Immortal/God/Goddess/Vampire